The way to quality

Quality is Ghibli & Wirbel’s main purpose.

Maintaining competitiveness in its sector is the reason why every year our company invests a large amount of its resources in Research & Development.

The ambition of not giving up our position in the highest level of professional machines for indoor cleaning is the end result. A highly specialised department is constantly in charge of turning new ideas into reality by means of regular updates regarding new technologies and the development of new models as well. It is indeed in the R&D department that our products are conceived so that they can respond well to the latest market requirements. Future needs are predicted in the same area, as well.

A team of engineers, with the support of advanced technologies and more than 150 employees, is constantly working to improve the existing machines and to develop new ones.

Research is carried out to constantly improve functionality, ergonomics and to reduce noise while focusing on energy saving. We search for new materials and technologies which can make Ghibli & Wirbel machines increasingly effective, versatile and strong while fully respecting the environment.