Industrial reality

Ghibli & Wirbel boasts the traditional values which belong to the Italian industry:

  • passion for work results
  • strongly linked planning and production activities
  • flexibility and openness to change
  • being fast in responding to market requirements

Assembly Precision

Each Ghibli & Wirbel production line is set for a single product. The high-quality production process is reflected by the highly specialized workforce.

  • 2 lines are for the assembly of vacuum cleaners, wet-dry vacuum cleaners and spray-extraction cleaners
  • 1 line is for the assembly of industrial vacuum cleaners
  • 1 line is for the assembly of single-disc machines
  • 1 line is for the assembly of steam generators
  • 4 lines are for the assembly of scrubber dryers

Cutting edge moulding

In order to completely control the production cycle, Ghibli & Wirbel produces most of the machine components internally. Every printing machine is the product of a meticulous prototyping system, which ensures matrixes are in different formats and exploits material and technological features which allow plastic parts to be perfectly shaped. Production is carried out by injection printing machines weighing hundreds of tons. The entire process is managed by automated moulding lines which become part of a complete cycle in which action from the line personnel is required only when final checks are necessary.