Ghibli & Wirbel is an ISO 9001:2015 and IQNET certified company since 1995.
Industrial patents owned on several models.
Apart from the CE-mark, most of our models are IMQ, ETL, SEV and IRAM certified.

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EUnited Cleaning Scrubber Drier Performance Label is developed by the association EUnited Cleaning composed of the leading manufacturers of cleaning machines in Europe and it is based on Technical Specification TS 35000 and international standard IEC/EN 62885-9, both living documents.

Through a reproducible test, which allows an objective comparison of the cleaning performance of different machines, it is possible to identify and label the scrubber dryer machines that have high cleaning efficiency whilst using the least amount of water and energy.

The label itself must be viewed as the cleaning machine industry’s commitment to create a sustainable future as well as a clean environment. It is paramount to the involved companies that a resource efficient cleaning is a necessary step to adapt to future energy needs.