InPump 90.2 SP CF

Cod: 17981610001

InPump 90.2 SP CF


Wet/dry vacuum cleaner equipped with two motors separately switchable. Great capacity and performance. The innovative impact resistant container in plastic material, “ShockProof” (SP), is extremely sturdy. Great manoeuvrability thanks to the practical handle and the large diameter wheels. InPump 90.2 SP CF is equipped with the integrated discharging pump with quick-release, “Integrated Pump” (InPump), that allows a fast and continuous suction/dumping of large amounts of water in order to easy empty the 90 l tank. This unique machine’s performance is very suitable for civil/emergency service, such as flooding. Mesh filter on standard equipment.

InPump 90.2 SP CF

Технические характеристики


  • Напряжение - Частота220-240 В~ 50/60 Гц
  • Максимальная мощностьВт2300
  • Номинальная мощностьВт1900
  • Объем мусоросборникал90
  • Полезный объем мусоросборникал56
  • Расход воздухал/с190
  • Разрежениембар100
  • Уровень шумадБ(А)65
  • IP-кодIPX4
  • Длина кабелям10
  • Вес (без принадлежностей)кг29,8
  • Размерымм520x620x920

InPump 90.2 SP CF

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