Wirbel’s vacuum cleaners are studied to assure the most complete answer for any specific need. Models with one, two or three motors, with maximum power from 1100 W to 3450 W, able to carry out any task in contract cleaning, workshop and industry.

Aspirateur poussières

Being so small and handy, Wirbel’s professional vacuum cleaners assure a great suction power and a minimum encumbrance. Cleaning of staircases, theatres, trains and airplanes is not a problem any longer. They get everywhere, are equipped with excellent filtering devices and suit perfectly those places where silence really matters: hotels, restaurants, offices and shops. From the daily house cleaning to the necessities of the contract cleaner, five types designed to work and last longer.

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Aspirateur eau & poussières

Be it coars, damp or dry dirt, water or slime, there are no limits to the Wirbel vacuum cleaners. A comprehensive range of twelve models, with up to three engines ranging from 1 to 3.45 kW, offers the ideal machine to suit any task in contract cleaning, workshops, trade and industry. Heavy-duty machines, efficient, designed to tackle the hard daily job they have professional filtering systems, an ergonomic design, holders for hose, tubes and tools.

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Aspirateur Tool

The Power Tool range is a wide and various selection of Wet and dry vacuum cleaners models specifically designed for use in conjunction with electric or pneumatic tools, in order to optimize the work of installers, craftsmen, manufacturers. Available in different sizes (from 22 to 50 liters), equipped with one or two motors with maximum power from 1250 W to 1450 W, manual or automatic ON/OFF (controlled by the tool).

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Aspirateur Industriel

Designed for hard and continuous work, to perform industry’s different demands, to clean plants and factories and any other place where dry dirt, oil, sawdust, metal residuals need to be removed everyday.

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Aspirateurs industriels Atex

Power InDust AX is Wirbel's product range designed to prevent any kind of fire in an area potentially at risk of explosion: safety, quality and reliability in full compliance with Atex regulations. Several different versions for size (from 20 to 60 liters), available in single and three phases, M filter class certified.

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